Apr 06 2011

Writer’s Lament

Cat has become a huge part of my world these last 5 months. So much so, that I feel her absence now that the book Branded is published. I guess this is what they call Writer’s Lament or Writer’s Remorse.
Now that the writing is done, there is a big emptiness in my heart that I’m having a problem filling. Yet, it feels like she is always around. Maybe, I’m being haunted by a fictional character. I am constantly thinking about her and what she must be feeling or what she is going to do next. I miss her! Her inner strength, kindness, and passiveness draw us in like a magnet. We cannot help but feel compassion and empathy for her. I feel like I want to help her, even after she makes it back home. That could be why I miss her so much.
This is an interesting feeling to say the least. I might have to write a sequel, just so I can talk with her again and find out what her plans are for the future.

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