Mar 28 2011

Why I wrote Branded

It seems a lot of people are having a problem getting past the second chapter of Branded. The abuse, fear, and suspense seem to be too much for the everyday person to handle, especially those with children. It’s in your face from the beginning. The amusing thing is these are the same people I wrote the book for. These are the people I am trying to reach, but they need to finish the book first.
The reason I wrote Branded is to bring awareness to the fact kids are kidnapped every day. I understand the subject of child abduction for sex trade is difficult for some people to deal with, but it’s also a reality in today’s world. Thousands are reported missing every year. Granted some are runaways, but hundreds are kids taken against their will annually. It doesn’t’ matter what neighborhood you live in, how much money you make, or what kind of security system you install, it could still happen to you or your family when you least expect it.
People know that kids get kidnapped and some are even killed. They feel bad for them but think they are exempt from having to do anything about it. But, if this problem is ever going to go away, we need to get involved as a community. People care, that’s obvious, but sometimes they just need to be reminded to be pro-active too. In the process, they may just save a child’s life.

Here are some links to give you more information about why I feel this is so important.

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