May 22 2014

What is love?

Most people view love as a feeling, but feelings can be misleading. Others view it as a relationship, but not all relationships last. So what is love? How about a spiritual journey? If you view it as a spiritual journey, you will find hope, acceptance, and joy – three very important elements in love.


Spirituality is critical. It is how we learn about ourselves, each other, and the world around us. It is also how we deal with the problems all relationships go through. We usually see our own flaws when we let someone into our confidence. The question is how much do you know about yourself and are you willing to take the time to learn something new?


Hope is a primary element in the beginning of all love relationships. We have hope that the relationship we are starting will be meaningful. Hope that the person we are with is honest and trustworthy. Hope that they will be forgiving and understanding when we do something wrong; and hope that they take time to learn about our needs, wants, and desires.


Acceptance is also a primary element. We learn to accept our partner’s flaws. Accept that they have different views than our own, and accept that they have a past.


Then when you learned enough about yourself and your partner that you can accept everything they are without question, than you have a good foundation to build a “loving” relationship and find joy. Joy is the longevity in a relationship. It keeps the relationship fresh and alive. It keeps your partner loyal, more important it keeps you both happy.


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