May 28 2012

What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

It’s Memorial Day and I have been thinking about its meaning. To some it means the beginning of summer, graduations, family vacations, swimming, and fun. To others it’s remembering those we lost in the military who were protecting our country and its rights. Yet to others it’s remembering those that we recently lost in our family and community. But if you look closer it also means to assist.

Sacrifice Poster

Where would we be if it wasn’t for the connections we have to the people in our lives? Probably lost, desperate and hopeless. But isn’t that what we see every day on the streets? People who are lost and looking for assistance, who are desperate for a job or to be accepted, and those feeling hopeless at living a life without pain. You could also look at this spiritually – lost without a savior, desperate for forgiveness and healing, and wanting to be accepted and loved unconditionally. But, in a way don’t they go together?

I’m sure you could think of at least 1 person who could use assistance in their everyday life, but for some reason they never get it. They ask their community leaders for help, or try the government for assistance but for some ridiculous reason they are constantly denied. You feel bad, but what can you do? Right?

We may not have the best system at fixing societies problems, but we do have each other. If each person would just help 1 person in need we could change the world. Whether, it’s giving $5 to a person asking for food on the street, donating clothes to a fire victim, helping a child learn to read, volunteering at church, or reporting a misdemeanor you witnessed. Your actions have a domino effect. Sometimes, it’s even the spectator who says: If they can do it, then so can I.

We don’t need to join the service to make a difference. We can do it right here at home. Yes, we will be hit with opposition, but we can’t let that stand in the way of what is right and just! Where would our military be if they let the opposition stand in their way without fighting back? What good is remembering someone on this day for their sacrifice and then go against everything they stood for and fought for?

Our military represents freedom, unity, and a better way of life. Is that what you represent too?

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