Apr 29 2011

Update on MATC Interview

The meeting this afternoon with Wayne at the MATC Times went better than I anticipated. I gave him my entire story for the interview on how I started writing and how Branded came into being. I also told him a little bit about myself and my 20 years of theatre background.  He was quite impressed.
Afterward, Wayne showed me around and introduced me to a few of the newspaper staff members including Bob Hanson, the facility advisor for the paper. We talked and joked with each other. Then he surprised me and asked if I would be interested in having my book reviewed, in addition to the interview on me. Immediately, I said yes! (I have been looking for someone to review my book for some time. I just couldn’t afford to pay them to do it, so this would be perfect.) Bob instantly assigned the book review to Alex to handle and he and I ended up talking for awhile. He even purchased a book from me right then and there for his own personal use, so I offered to autograph it for him.
Another surprising thing happened while I was there. Wayne, Bob and I started talking and they asked if I would be interested in a position as a student reporter for the Times. I said yes, and Bob immediately handed me an information folder that I need to complete. I have been looking for a way to expand on my writing skills. This will also get my name out there in a different way. I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I will be attending classes at the downtown facility this summer, where they are located, so it works out perfectly.
I don’t know where all this is going to lead, but I have to say this, I am enjoying the ride. Thank You Jesus for opening doors.
*For those that don’t know, the MATC Times is an award winning newspaper.
Here is a link to that article MATC Times Wins Award.

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