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Jun 22 2011

School Pick Me Up!

I talked with my Sociology instructor the other day about my book Branded and was wondering if I was on track with what I said in it. (We also talked about what the follow up book would be like, if I decide to write a sequel.) After talking for almost an hour, it turns out …

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Jun 12 2011

Are You A Silent Lamb?

Some of my friends that read Branded are a little upset with the MATC negative review of my book. They wonder if the reviewer even read it in its entirety to get the just of it, or did they just skim it? One said, “It’s just a fictional story not reality”. Another person said, “It’s …

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May 08 2011

Branded Preface

     I was listening to the news and realized there are numerous children being abducted and raped today. That led me to thinking what those children would be experiencing while going through something so traumatic and what they would be like as adults, if they were forced to stay with their abductors. Also, what I …

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Apr 18 2011

Keep in Mind Video

I love this video from Locash Cowboys called Keep in Mind.http://youtu.be/Y_GhhtLrXTg

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Apr 06 2011

Is this my ministry and my future?

I received a call this morning from my pastor, Father Mark. He is a very special person, upbeat, positive, and very inspirational. Someone you want as a friend, not just a pastor. He called to tell me he is thrilled to hear that my book is available and plans on buying a copy to help …

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