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Nov 05 2011

National Technical Honor Society Induction

Great New! I have been on the Dean’s List since I started studying Web Design at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and now I am being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). I have been averaging an A in all my classes every semester at MATC and will be graduating with honors on …

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Mar 23 2011

No Book Signing at B&N For Now

Well, I knew it was too good to be true. I went to Barnes and Noble to see about the book signing and get a few more details. It just didn’t seem right that they would want to do something for me, only 1 month out of the gate, and my instincts were right on. I …

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Mar 12 2011

2011 Earthquake in Japan

I cannot believe the extent of the devastation in Japan. The strength and amount of aftershocks those people must endure is incredible. It’s like living through an initial earthquake a hundred times over. It was evident that no one was prepared for an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. It’s almost as if someone snuck up behind them and …

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