Dec 26 2011

Something to Think About

Should Parents Face Longer Prison Time?
Christmas Miracle for Dad.

Here is a moral question – is it less of a crime if a parent abducts their own child?
In my eyes, abduction is abduction and it doesn’t matter who is doing it. Parent, grandparent, or stranger, it doesn’t matter. It is still wrong. If the courts choose one person over another, there is usually a very good reason behind the decision and that decision should be honored and upheld.
From the child’s point of view, they do not understand what is going on. Why they are being taken in the middle of the night, or why they can’t go home after school. They are lied too and sometimes beaten if they don’t obey, left crying and confused. Then suddenly their lives are turned upside down and they are now in a strange place, surrounded by strange people and living on the run. Is this right? Is it fair? The stress of being forcibly removed and lied too, leaves permanent scares and it doesn’t matter who it is, child or adult. Would you put your child through it? Would you want to go through it?

Here is another moral question – as a community, should we look away if we know the abduction is because of a custody battle?
Shouldn’t we be more concerned for the victim, which is the child, then what others think? Why should an innocent child be treated like a piece of meat dangled in front of a pack of hungry animals?

What should be done? Should laws be stricter? Should children be taken out of the divorce settlements and custody cases handled separately? Should we just look away and ignore the entire issue? What is the right thing to do for the innocent and abducted in our communities? In the world?

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