Jun 12 2012

Slavery in the 21st Century

If you thought slavery is a thing of the past – think again. It is very much alive in 2012 in every city, state, and nation in the world, and growing stronger every year. Human’s chained, beaten, intimidated, drugged, sold for profit, and held against their will. Why? Simple, the need and want is there to acquire people for profit and to provide a service.

Anti-SlaverySex Trafficking falls under the slavery category and it’s what I am trying to bring awareness too. You may think that something like this only happens in 3rd world counties to attractive women in their 20’s, probably for marriage, but that thinking would be wrong. Sex trafficked people are mostly between the ages of 8 and 20 of all races and in all nations. The most requested ages are children (boys and girls) between 12 and 15. Why? Because they are easy to manipulate and can fill the fantasies of sex offenders and sexual addicts, mostly through intimidation. How do they acquire these kids? Easy, they take them! Kidnap them from the local grocery store, movie house, mall, school, park, or any where they may be alone for a short period of time; a typical smorgasbord for the picking. Sometimes the parent is still around when it happens too. That’s right; the same children you see every day playing in your neighborhood can one day be abducted and forced into the industry, never to be seen again.

Slavery has been around for thousands of years and it looks like it is here to stay. Is it right? No. Is it fair? No. But who is going to stop it? Our counties leaders? What can they do? Every few years they are replaced in office and then whatever process that was started is put on hold or eliminated. WE need to get involved! WE need to remind whoever enters into office, that we are passionate about this subject and will fight to not have progress put on the back burner.

How was African slavery abolished? One person took a stand and said no, while others saw the slave as a person with feelings and not a thing. How was slavery abolished in Egypt? The same way; one person said this isn’t right. These are God’s people and he does not want them abused and treated as property. How was child war soldiers freed? Same way; one person said no, then another, and another until a coalition was formed, and it is still fighting today. The business of sex trafficking is not going to change anytime soon. Why? Because sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why would they want to change? It’s easy money. Besides they can buy whoever gets in the way. But does it make it right? No. Is this what God wants? I doubt it. The only way slavery is ever going to end is if we “The People” raise our voice and take a stand for what is right and just. Someone needs to make the first move. I am, by starting a blog on this subject and letting people know this is not a fictitious problem. It’s very real and a lot of innocent children are the victims. Will it be easy? No. Will change happen overnight? No. Will people get hurt? Probably; but if we do nothing, then we stand for nothing. Our military fights to protect our people from foreign enemies every day. We need to do the same for the enemy already within our walls.

God placed the idea of my book Branded in my heart for a reason – he doesn’t like what is happening in the world today, especially to the innocent children. He wants us to get involved and stand our ground; to fight the war on evil. Would you like to see evil defeated? Slavery defeated? Then help me! Share this blog with others.

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