Apr 20 2012

Should prostitution be legalized?

Troubled Teen 
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Should prostitution be legalized? Do you think that will eliminate the problem and stop the traffickers from abducting children, or will it just give them cause to continue doing so, but legally? The attached link discusses this avenue. What do you think the answer is in protecting the innocent from being abducted or kidnapped?

Actions are being taken to make it harder for trafficker and johns to walk away from a compromising situation and making them responsible for their own actions. The new legislation can help, but it is state based and not all states are approving it. If the industry is ever going to change, laws must be carried out by every state and nation world-wide. We cannot allow traffickers to pick up and relocate to another state or country just because the heat is on. This just allows them to take our children across borders and making it harder for us to find them and get them back.

I don’t know what the answer is to stop this horrible crime but I do know doing nothing is not the answer. Doing nothing gives them our permission to continue growing their business. Even something small is a step in the right direction until we can install righteousness into the minds and hearts of those committing the crimes. For now, my recommend is to ask every parent, school, and government agency to fingerprint their children to make sure their identities are on file. Maybe the government can even start an entirely new database for non-criminals. This would make it easier to find people that have been abducted, since they eventually get arrested at some point. Even applying for a job like bartender, would raise a red flag in the system then for a child that was kidnapped and raised by another family.

My other suggestion is to know your neighbors and their habits. I’m not saying interfere in their business or tell them what to do, just know what is going on in your area and try to friend them. This way you have a better understanding of who, or what, is in your neighborhood and when something is not right. Let’s face it, who knows more about our neighborhoods then us? We have to live in them. We should also be looking out for each other and helping those in need. However, if they become hostile or violent, that automatically tells you something is wrong. They could be going through a rough time emotionally or they could be up to no good and trying to hide it. If you sense foul play or danger is eminent contact the Police immediately! Most states will allow you to do so anonymously too. I’m not asking you to be known as the area pest, but to contact the Police when you feel something illegal is going on or when someone’s life may be in danger because of the abusive yelling.

What are your thoughts? How would you protect the innocent from predators?


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