Jun 22 2011

School Pick Me Up!

I talked with my Sociology instructor the other day about my book Branded and was wondering if I was on track with what I said in it. (We also talked about what the follow up book would be like, if I decide to write a sequel.) After talking for almost an hour, it turns out my research and the characterization was right on track, from a Sociologist point of view. Therefore, the comment in the MATC Times paper was incorrect! I felt a lot better after our conversation.

My Psychology instructor was also interested in the fact that I wrote a book, but we haven’t actually discussed the topic or the characterizations yet. I would really like to get the Psychologist point of view too, but I don’t know when I would have time to sit down with him to talk. Our schedules don’t really coincide. Summer courses may only be 8 weeks long, but the same amount of material needs to be covered that is in a full semester course. Therefore, we’re assigned 4-5 chapters to read and 1-2 writing assignments a week. So far, I’m just trying to keep up, but I am still glad that I took these classes. The research alone will be great for the next few books.

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