Sep 04 2012

Open Your Eyes…

It breaks my heart to see people slaughtered because of hatred or greed. It also breaks my heart to see people starving because of laziness or selfishness. What happened to the guiding principle – to help those in need? Have we become so calloused and arrogant, that we cannot feel the pain and injustice of others anymore?

WomanCryingThere is no reason to shoot up a movie house, school, or church, because you don’t like someone or want to prove a point. There is no reason why one nation has to kill another, because of power or religion. There is no reason why people need to go hungry, because we don’t feel like getting involved or paying a fee. There is no reason why a person needs to live on the streets, because we don’t want to get involved or fear them. We are all God’s creatures, worshiping the same God! He is the only true power and the only fair judge. He will reward his people once they start to obey him. He said, “Thou shall not kill,” and we do. He said, “Thou shall not covet,” (which means to strongly want or desire) and we do. He said, “To love thy neighbor as thyself,” and we don’t? He also said, “to love thy God with all your, heart, mind, and soul.” If we did, we would not be thinking of ourselves all the time.

Technology has merged nations in many ways, but we still have a long way to go. Why don’t we try to come together, as One People to help each other, as God intended? In return, we would be honoring Him.

Is your heart’s desire, in alignment with the desires of God’s heart?  – Tony Evans –

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