Oct 18 2011

Next NaNoWriMo Compitition

It’s almost November and the next NaNoWriMo competition. I love this competition because it challenges my creative abilities. I am not sure if I will win this year, since I am also trying to get another book ready for release and finishing my final semester of school, but I will try. 

I have been thinking about a lake or a large body of water. I’ve been doing research on water myths and legends for ways to expand on this idea. Not much there for me at this time, but I will continue looking. To jazz it up, I may place a run away or hermit person in the story. Oh wait! How about an escaped prisoner to bring excitement to the page? Sounds intriguing already! Then again, I could always go with a person teaching a group of people, like Jesus did with the sermon on the mount.

I don’t know what I will do yet, but I do have the picture of a shoreline in my mind that I can’t seem to shake. Any research done prior usually has a boomerang affect on my writing, since I make it up as I go along. Pictures just appear in my head as I’m writing, that carry the story line further. I like to think of them as God assisting me. (This would make sense, since all written works are divinely given.) I guess both you and I will find out the outcome on December 1st. Only this time I know I don’t have to stop writing the story on November 30th, just reach 50,000 words.

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