Jun 07 2011

MATC Times 2011 Review

The MATC Times Newspaper came through as promised and published the article on me and the review of my book Branded. It’s in the May 18, 2011 edition. I am thrilled they did this, but they got a few facts wrong. First, Wayne Miller mentioned that I took Journalism classes in 2010. This is incorrect. I took them in High School back in the late 1970s. Second, Alexander Pederson stated that I am trying to justify the actions of the characters by saying killing people on this magnitude is the cost of doing business with children prostitutes. I said no such thing! I would never justify killing, it’s against my religion. Granted killings are part of the industry, but it’s not something I want to glorify and wanted to correct this misrepresentation. They are only in the story to make the story believable.

Alexander Pederson did not hide the fact that he did not like this book in his review, and I respect his opinion. One of the reasons is, and I quote: “due to the utter lack of understanding and authority of this subject.” He’s talking about child prostitution. True, I am not an expert in this area, but I didn’t realize I had to be to write a fiction novel. I have seen enough reality crime shows to know what happens and I did some research on kidnappings and child prostitution online, prior to writing it. He also mentioned poor word usage and sentence structure. This is probably true. Grammar has not been my strongest area, which is why I added country slang. But, I also write for teens, and most teens are use to poor grammar usage, especially if they text regularly. J
I realize I can’t please everyone and expect some negative reviews every now and then and that is okay with me. Right now, I just need to get my name out there, so even negative press is good press at this stage. Is there room for improvement? Sure, there is always room for improvement and I will work on it, but it’s not going to deter me from writing or releasing my next novel, which I am currently working on. Who knows, I could be the next great Conventional American Writer. Why not?

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