Mar 09 2011

Marketing A New Book Is Not Easy

Being a new author and marketing a book without professional assistance is not easy. I rely on word of mouth advertising, supplied by my friends, family, and fans to do most of the work. But I guess that’s part of the marketing process too. I do realize the subject matter is not easy to swallow, but I felt it was something that had to be told. I want to open the eyes of the public so they may possibly becoming more involved in this matter.

How many times have we looked at the faces of missing children on the news, milk cartons, America’s most wanted and not really studied the faces or personality of the victims? Or, been annoyed by the constant Amber alerts, while watching our favorite shows, instead of being concerned for that child? I wanted to do something to change that – to make it personal.

Most people think kidnappings or abductions won’t happen to them or someone they know because they live in a safe neighborhood. But it happens more then we know. Thousands of kids are kidnapped each year.

As a child in elementary school I was almost kidnapped as I was leaving school and my sister was led astray by a very friendly older man and taken, when she was 2 year old. My mother was frantic when she found out she was not playing on the porch where she left her only minutes before. The entire family had to get in the hunt to find her. After not being able to find her around the house, Mom got in the car and started driving around the neighborhood. She found her a quarter mile away still walking and talking with the man, holding his hand, as if he was a friend of the family. Only he wasn’t and they were heading toward the Port of Milwaukee. Mom and Dad said they just grabbed her and put her in the car, yelling at the man and leaving him behind stunned. My sister thought nothing of it and doesn’t remember being in jeopardy, but she was.

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