Jun 01 2011

Looking for an illustrator

I decided to pull out one of my old novels and start working on the editing process. My goal is to release it at the end of the year, but I don’t know if I’ll have it ready by then.

While working on it, I began wondering what the process would be to add some illustrations to the book. They’re not necessary, but would enhance specific areas. Now, I’m doing some research and looking for illustrators and artists that can draw something other than Anime. The problem is I’m struggling financially and don’t have a lot of money to pay someone. Maybe, I can commission someone just out of school. Or, someone to do just the book covers for the series. It might be cheaper. If need be, I could always create something in Photoshop. I just prefer to have originals, so there are no legal complications. Plus, I could help someone else.

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