Apr 06 2011

Is this my ministry and my future?

I received a call this morning from my pastor, Father Mark. He is a very special person, upbeat, positive, and very inspirational. Someone you want as a friend, not just a pastor. He called to tell me he is thrilled to hear that my book is available and plans on buying a copy to help support my ministry.  I was surprised to hear the word ministry in connection to me and my book. That’s not something I was going for. Then he reminded me of a conversation we had when I told him that I was writing it, that I was inspired by God to do so. God even picked the subject matter for me. It’s not something I planned on writing about, but I did. Everything fell into place after that and quickly too. From the moment of inspiration to its conclusion was less than 30 days. A week or so later, I was notified that I was one of the winners of the competition and they were offering me a copy of my book and the ability to have it published. Three months later it was on Amazon.com, Createspace.com and Barnes and Nobel.com for sale. God definitely had a hand in all that. All I recall is watching events fall into place and information on the subject fall in my lap.

After being reminded of all this, I got to wondering if this is something I was led to do. It is something I feel passionate about, and I do have some knowledge on the subject since I was almost taken myself and my sister was. Maybe this is my destiny. I do want to make a difference in the world and in the life of an innocent child. Maybe it is suppose to be my ministry.

I’ll need to meditate on this for awhile.

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