Mar 29 2012

Helping GEMS One Book at a Time

There is no doubt the world has changed since 9/11, but do you feel like the changes are happening all at one time? Everywhere you turn today there seems to be something happening that is unfair or unjust; everything from corporate corruption to street injustice, healthcare reform to political recalls/elections, or unemployment levels to job security. It’s as if we are in a state of constant flux and uncertainty that can be overwhelming at times. The good thing is most of the information has now been brought to light so we can do something about it. The bad part is change usually comes at a price, and are we willing to make the sacrifices needed to pay that price and create a better way of living?

I have been trying to bring awareness to the injustice of child abduction for sex for some time. It’s also no secret that I have been encouraging community involvement to help prevent child abductions and to support my book BRANDED. I believe we all have the power to look out for each another and make a difference. I found one such person who has done just that and I wanted to share her information with you and the organization she built to help young girls of sex trafficking. A survivor herself, she knows the injustices of the world and yet she is still trying to make a difference. I commend her!

That being said, for every copy of Branded that is sold between April and December of 2012, I will donate $1 to the GEMS organization. So pass this around to all your friends so we can all make a difference. Click on the Amazon link below to order from Amazon or go to the features tab and pick an online vendor. (I will keep you posted as to how many are sold on my website.)
Thank you for supporting me and GEMS and for making a difference is someones life.

Take some time and check out the GEMS website.
GEMS – Girls Educational and Mentoring Services

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