Sep 21 2011

Goodreads Giveaway

I am excited to join with Goodreads, one of the largest social networking sites for readers. They allow readers to create book categories and swaps with others, who are interested in doing the same. It’s a great way to recycle books, instead of letting them collect dust on the shelf after being read. They get information from the readers view point and makes it available for others. Goodreads is not a book seller, but they do have over 190 million books listed in their database. They also have over 6 million members all over the world, plus they are on Facebook, Twitter, and I’m sure numerous other web 2.0 products.

One of the things I like about Goodreads is they take suggestions from authors on how to make their site better for both the reader and the author. The other thing I like is they assist authors with online book launches and other services like a publisher or marketer, but they are not. They also offer suggestions about future books the reader may be interested in, much like does on their website. I like this feature because it helps me advertise my books directly to people who may be interested in reading them.

There is another service I like, which I took part in, and that is the giveaways and drawings. Any author can donate their books to Goodreads for an online giveaway. I offered 3 copies of Branded to be given away on December 1, 2011. Goodreads will handle all the details for the reader during the giveaway entry. Then they supply the author with the addresses of the winners. The author mails out the books. If this is a success, I may donate more copies.

If you are interested in a free copy of Branded, go to Goodreads and become a member. Then enter the giveaway. Hopefully, you will get a free copy. Good Luck!

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