Sep 20 2012

Evaluate the Issues

undecidedVoterYou may, or may not agree with me, but when it comes to picking the next President, I look at things from the outside in. I believe we need to look at America and the issues like an egg – protect the shell and our perimeter first, before reorganizing the interior. Here are the questions I ask myself when trying to make a decision.

First, will the candidate make a good world leader? How will they represent the American people? You can usually tell by how they handle the election process and any controversy that arises. Do they lie; are they arrogant, thinking only of themselves and the hottest topic? Or, are they sincere, concerned about all Americans (not just some), and righteousness and justice?

Second, when the candidates talk about the issues, I look at them from a world perspective first, then internally, and finally as an independent. I ask myself the following questions for each issue. Is it doable or just a ploy to get voters? In reality, how much will it cost? Will our freedoms be at stake? How long will it take to become effective? Will it ensure our safety? How will other nations react to it? Can it escalate violence? Does it fall in line with our national values and beliefs? How will it affect the American people as a whole? How will it affect the middle income? Will taxes go up? Will my life be better in the next 4 years because of it?

Third, who are the candidates bringing into the election and are they trustworthy? Sometimes, the candidates get so involved in pleasing voters they choose the wrong running mate. Make sure you put them under the same magnified glass you did the candidates. If they do not come up to your high standards, then eliminate them both. We need to be cautious in who we let run our country. Remember, they are representing you. We must preserve the values and beliefs this country are based on, and our good name.

Fourth, who is the speech writer? Watch out for that silver-tongue lawyer too. You know the type, the ones who likes to manipulate words to make the issues and the candidate sound great, when in reality they’re not.

As Americans, we are betrothed to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and one of the things it states is, “Let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor” to their country. Are you willing to give up your life for your country? What about your son or daughter’s? If you choose a candidate that does not have an updated plan to protect us, and strives for peace, you may be doing just that.

Our Values and Beliefs
Life – The ability to existence
Liberty – Freedom from control and captivity
Pursuit of Happiness – The right to try to find happiness
Common Good – Equal and good for all people
Justice – The moral principles of conduct
Equality – The state of being equal
Diversity – Distinct, made up of different parts
Truth – Conformity with fact or reality
Sovereignty -Independent authority over a geographic area
Patriotism – Love for one’s country


Link to the Lyceum Address by Abraham Lincoln

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