May 21 2011

Branded Teaser3

After six months, I found myself smiling for the first time in a long time. Mostly, because of the freedom and the fact I made friends. My first friend was a horse named Marshmallow, because he had a white square on his forehead. I rode him every chance I could and at night you could find me in the stables grooming him. Marshmallow helped me see that things could always be worse than they are. I needed to learn how to accept my current situation if I was ever going to be happy again, just like he had too.

The second was a girl named Rebecca. She was from Southern Mississippi and was the same age as me. We looked a little alike, so Patrick would set us up together on assignments. We became friends and would stay up at night making fun of the assignments we had that day. She got me to laugh again.

Whenever my day would drag on endlessly, or I would be out with an assignment that was a real loser, I would think about how we would make fun of him later and I would grin. That alone would get me through the day and the next few years.

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