Sep 09 2011

Branded and Kindle

This past month, I have been looking for ways to get some sort of eBook out there on Branded. There are many options but most are costly. After searching the web for cheap ways, I finally found one through the publisher that published Branded – Createspace. They now have a program that will convert a member’s book for the Amazon Kindle for only $69. This was a welcome surprise! Right away, I contacted them to get the process started. They are currently working on it now.

I have been informed that it will take 4 weeks to complete the entire procedure, so be on the lookout for it sometime in October. I am thinking about listing it under crime fiction this time instead of general or teen fiction. However, I am not sure if the Createspace/Kindle people have any say in its placement. I am still learning how things work with them and within this business. I want to take advantage of the opportunities in front of me, but I also need to be careful. This entire book writing/publishing process is a gigantic learning experiance for me. I’m learning so much!

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