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Hayden Heyer at Radcliff Manor by D. Perdue Henderson

Hayden Heyer At Radcliff Manor

Book Three


A Goodreads Review

A exciting paranormal read! Hayden Heyer at Radcliff Manor is book 3 in the Hayden series by author D. Perdue Henderson. With 302 pages there is more then enough action to keep you entertained for sometime. In the beginning you are whisked away to a tropical island in the Atlantic, where most of the story takes place. Romance, betrayal, possession, and demon sword fighting are merely a few things Hayden must deal with. While there, she allows the guardians to train her and strengthen her abilities. Only to find out the powerful foe that has been stalking her all this time, can take away the same powers she has been strengthening. I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say, there is a dragon involved.
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