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A Romantic Fantasy

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Review by AuthorVoices

Hayden Heyer Series: A Story That Transforms the Narrator and Reader Alike

Acclaimed veteran novelist D. Perdue Henderson delivers a nail-biting paranormal romance story about an unhappy young girl who meets a pair of striking twin boys at school. The siblings later reveal that they are her immortal protectors who will help fulfill her divine destiny. Her duty is tough, but what is harder is trying not to fall in love with the God-sent twins.
Hayden Heyer is your average sixteen-year-old teenager, but is she? Her life was tedious, until she meets the Spark Twins who turned her life upside down. Suddenly, she is thrown into a world with guardians, angels, evil, and danger. She is destined to work for God since birth; however, she is given the free will to either continue being a life-balancer, or to go back to the life she had. At first she thought it was a practical joke, until evil found out about her and started lurking at her heels. One of the story’s pivotal mysteries concerns the main character’s feelings toward the twins: who is she really falling for? James, the fun and exciting twin, or Joe, the sweet, yet at times, boring one?
By all accounts, this series is quite popular and loved by many. On various book websites, this book routinely gets four stars and high praise. And we can easily see why. The main character is relatable as it is told in the first-person point of view. The words are easy to chew on; however, the verb tenses are inconsistent at times, and some words are redundantly used, such as in scan the cafeteria before scanning the menu.
Overall, Henderson provides us with a terrific series with her lofty imagination. The first book, Hayden Heyer and the Twin Guardians, started with a bang, but ended in an undramatic cliff-hanger. The second in the series, Hayden Heyer Trials and Tribulations, kept readers on their toes. This time, the twin guardians are called away, and Hayden is left alone to succumb to her defensive ways. God places her to a series of tests to break those bonds. The second in the series will leave readers breathless in the last fifty pages, giving way to the third sequel—Hayden at Radcliff Manor.
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