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Chilling Thriller

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I left the school, put my headphones on and started up my I-Pod. I was walking down the block about a half block from the school and passed a beat up old van as I was changing songs. The side door opened and startled me. A big burly man that reeked of cigarettes jumped out and grabbed me, throwing me in the van with one quick swoop. I had no idea what was going on and was really scared. I scooted to the corner behind the driver, who was now driving away. I was screaming and kicking at the man telling him to get away. I told him to leave me alone and to let me out. I even threatened to call my dad but I never had a chance. He immediately took my I-Pod and phone away from me and tossed them out the door along with my backpack. He laid me down on my back and climbed on top of me, sitting on my knees. He checked all my pockets and empting them and tossed everything I had out the door too. The only thing he forgot was my lucky penny my Granddad gave me for my birthday last November.

I kicked him and scratched him and even bit him as much as I could trying to get away, but couldn’t. Where was I going to go in a moving vehicle? The driver handed him a roll of duct tape and he tied my wrists behind my back. I kept kicking him, so he also wrapped my ankles in duct tape and put a piece of tape over my mouth to keep me quiet.

I was very scared. Remember I was only 12 at the time, almost 13. The guy driving kept calling me by my name and telling me to shut up. How did he know my name? I wasn’t able to see him and didn’t really want to at that point. I just wanted to get out of that van as soon as possible and go home. The van pulled over to the side of the road and the big guy got out. He did something to both the side door and the back doors and then sat in the passenger seat. That’s when I realized the guy driving was the same guy running toward me that morning. Ramona must have interrupted him from reaching me. I tried to kick out the back doors of the van but whatever he did to it wasn’t allowing me to open them, even by force. So, I laid there and cried.

Daylight became dusk, which became night and we were still driving. I figured I was probably miles away from Summerville by then and I’m beginning to wonder how long it was going to take me to get back and how much trouble I was in. Dad is going to be so furious when he finds out I didn’t go straight home. I’m going to be grounded for a month. That is if I ever make it home again.

I got tired of fighting and crying in a no win situation and just got scared. A little while later the guys stopped by an old farm house. A woman with a cane stood in the door frame. The interior light illuminated her roundish figure. The big burly guy took off the tape from my mouth and asked if I was going to create a problem for him. I shook my head no, so he cut the tape from my wrists and ankles. Then he grabbed my wrist and escorted me into the house, handing me over to the fat woman.

“Here, now she’s yers.”

“Thanks! Wow, yer a young one aren’t ya? Why did he even take ya?”

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me through the house. She told me to go up the stairs to the attic but I wouldn’t. Why would I want too? She hit me in the back of my knees with that stick and told me again. But again I refused. I had no idea what was up there, so why would I want to go? She grabbed my wrist and dragged me up the stairs herself. I tried scratching her and biting her as much as possible and even got in a few kicks in the shins when we reached the top but to no avail. She still locked me in the attic. I could even hear the metal key as it turned in the old fashion lock.

I was so confused. I had no idea who these people were or what they wanted and I definitely didn’t understand why they were treating me like this, I did nothing to them. I started pacing and checking out how far it would be if I decided to jump out the window or climb down. When that idea failed, I started looking for something to hit them with when they came back but there was nothing at all, not even a box to sit on. Finally I got discouraged and sat in the corner by the window with my knees to my chest.



BISAC: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

ISBN: 978-1456476113

Published: 02/12/2010

Printer: Amazon

Distribution: Amazon, Baker and Taylor, Books in Print, Createspace eStore, All Bookstore Websites

Pages: 166

Print: Black and White on White

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″

Retail Price: $15.00

Available: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes And Noble, Books-A-Million,


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