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After 20 years of working as an assistant director and stage manager of multiple stage productions and dance concerts, and partaking in music, voice, and art, it was only logical that D. Perdue Henderson would become a novelist too. Her interest in character development and Why People Do What They Do, piqued her interest in psychology and sociology. After taking classes in these fields, and plenty of research, it gave her the perspective she needed to write about the more difficult subjects like abduction and depression, but in a way that is sensitive, yet entertaining. Every story captivates! You will think about the subject long after you finish reading one of her books. Her first novel Branded (CreateSpace, 2010) is a good example. It is a suspense thriller about a kidnapped child and lost innocence. A disturbing subject for some, but it is written in a way young adults can identify. Her second novel Hayden Heyer and the Twin Guardians (Twin Guardian Publishing, 2012) is the opposite – a fantasy romance with Christian themes. It introduces the reader to the basics of Christianity in a way non-Christians can appreciate, by putting it in perspective with the contrary and adding cute characters.

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Nov 16 2012

You Still Have A Voice!

It seems some of my readers are wondering why I didn’t write about the Presidential election in more detail this year. But what could I say? People were so passionate about their candidates in this election, if I swayed in one direction or the other I would be upsetting ½ of my readers. However, now …

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Oct 16 2012

Why Are Goodbyes Hard?

I went to a funeral the other day and it turned out to be a memorial/party, which was perfect. However, you would think that a military man, loving father, and 3 time husband who liked to have fun, would have more people at his memorial then a mere 50. Then I thought about other funerals …

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Sep 20 2012

Evaluate the Issues

You may, or may not agree with me, but when it comes to picking the next President, I look at things from the outside in. I believe we need to look at America and the issues like an egg – protect the shell and our perimeter first, before reorganizing the interior. Here are the questions …

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Sep 04 2012

Open Your Eyes…

It breaks my heart to see people slaughtered because of hatred or greed. It also breaks my heart to see people starving because of laziness or selfishness. What happened to the guiding principle – to help those in need? Have we become so calloused and arrogant, that we cannot feel the pain and injustice of …

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Aug 01 2012

Who are the victims in a Recession?

The children of a recession seem to be in the middle of a financial war today. Public and private schools are decreasing their funding to make ends meet, while others are merging schools and eliminating teachers. But what happens to the children who need their skills and time? Are they put-off to the side until …

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Jul 16 2012

First Design-Team Meeting

I had my first meeting with one of my design team members working on my next book. I was so nervous, not knowing who it was going to be or what they were going to say. Of course, I want to make a good impression and I want them to like my work, but I …

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Jul 05 2012

Have we changed in 2000 years?

I have been pondering what the 4th of July means and what we have sacrificed to get where we are today. I thank God for the nation we live in with its freedoms and blessings, and for the people who sacrificed their lives so we can have and keep these freedoms; but in looking back …

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