Aug 17 2013

Are Dinosaurs Real?

I’m confused. Schools are teaching our kids about evolution and scientific theory (one persons opinion as possible fact), but forbidden to learn about God and the Bible, which actually explains all creation, and has been proven to be historically true.  Why is this?

Every few years, science books need to be revised, whereas the Bible doesn’t. Not because more information has been added to support the evolution theory, but because information was discovered proving it false and needed to be taken out – but no one publicizes that information. They keep it on the QT. Still, educators are required to continue teaching false doctrine to our children. Why is that? Why can’t they learn from history and archeology, that God and creation are real, and allow that information to be taught in our schools?dinosaur

I am doing what I can to open the eyes of everyone to the truth, and hope you will join me. I found a great website that does the same that I would like to share with you. Here is a link to a specific area on their site about dinosaurs being real and part of God’s creation – not evolution. Please take the time to listen to the two videos on “Dinosaurs and the Bible” (especially part 2), they are only 15 minutes each, and let me know what you think.



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