Mar 12 2011

2011 Earthquake in Japan

I cannot believe the extent of the devastation in Japan. The strength and amount of aftershocks those people must endure is incredible. It’s like living through an initial earthquake a hundred times over. It was evident that no one was prepared for an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. It’s almost as if someone snuck up behind them and grabbed them, giving them no choice but to comply, very similar with the storyline in Branded.

With the amount of technology we have today, you would think that someone was able to predict what was going to happen. Japan is known to be technology savvy, and known for having infrastructures to support earthquakes, but still they were hit pretty hard. I guess no matter how prepared you think you are for a surprise attack, you are never prepared enough.

My heart goes out to the people who are living through the pain and loss. Mankind is resilient and will survive, but the psychological effects for each one of the survivors will go on forever.

Lord, comfort the grieving, lead the lost, and guide the trapped and abandoned to safety. Help them to see this is not something you did, but you are there to help them through it.

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